In the past week, between June 8 and 9, 2022, the RIC3D Team left for Birmingham to attend the latest edition of the Med Tech Innovation EXPO, the UK and Ireland’s leading event in medical device design and manufacturing technology.

At the expo, the Team had the opportunity to attend live demonstrations, get in contact with machines, cutting-edge technology solutions, as well as products and medical devices of the latest generation.

Specifically, regarding the MedTech sector, we presented our latest medical R&D project, ROG (Real Organ Generation). Visitors were offered the opportunity to experience our software platform at a high  technological rate, characterized by Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and aimed at paths not only of education and training but also of diagnosis and surgical simulation. The “testers” were allowed to immerse themselves in a 360-degree virtual environment, in which they were able to interact with organs and instruments of the operating room. It was enough to put on a helmet and grab a pair of triggers, and then begin operating in a virtual environment as
real surgeons equipped with scalpels and surgical scissors.

As for the more purely entrepreneurial side, the event proved to be an excellent networking opportunity: the event brought together more than 4 thousand “innovators” including engineers, designers, and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare industry, thus becoming an important driver for the exploration of new ideas and the discovery of the latest technologies, including innovative products and services for the medical and health care industry.

In addition, under the collaboration with the Innogrow business accelerator, the Team was able to use the accelerator’s communication channels to support on-site of interviews in LIVE streaming mode. In particular, RIC3D was offered by the Swiss broadcaster Radio Ulisse DJ TV, a dedicated space within the column Dynamics of Innovation, focusing on the world of Innovation. Through this media channel, Riccardo Roggeri, RIC3D’s Chief Scientific Officer, had the the opportunity to interview some of the main innovation players present at the fair – both Italian and international -, establishing a fruitful dialogue in terms of sharing of ideas, potential new stimuli, and models to be adopted to meet the new challenges of the future in the medical and healthcare fields.

Ultimately, Med Tech Innovation EXPO proved to be an excellent opportunity for RIC3D to learn about foreign developments in the creation of new production facilities that meet current needs, as well as to build new possible relationships of collaboration.