The MED3D project focuses on the implementation of a software for the elaboration of three-dimensional models with a very high degree of detail, not yet achieved by competitors.  


The MED3D project is divided into two different strategic axis:


  1. Clinical approach: RIC3D offers a software system for the processing and analysis of medical 3D images and for the printing of 3D mockups for the evaluation of surgical interventions.
  2. Educational approach: RIC3D offers a highly interactive and responsive platform, which includes extensive use of VR and mixed reality technologies, thus ensuring a higher level of involvement and a better enjoyment of content.


The MED3D project aims to strengthen the healthcare industry’s trust in new technologies to accelerate the research, development, and adoption of these technologies to provide more and better care for patients in need.


The uniqueness of the software implemented by RIC3D compared to other IT companies lies in its high accuracy in identifying abnormalities in organ tissues using original and patent-pending tools. These tools allow for the finer identification of mutations and pathological elements compared to the tools available today at the level of state-of-the-art technology worldwide.

Another element of uniqueness of MED3D is to have an eco-circular approach in the use of original eco-compatible materials covered by patent application.