We are proud to announce that A4W – Art For Women, the innovative platform with the goal of creating a vibrant community to forge new connections and celebrate women’s creativity, is officially online.

The project, made possible thanks to European Funds from the Emilia-Romagna Region, will see further development with the establishment of the company Art For Women in the spring. This new entity will be dedicated to expanding the impact of A4W – Art For Women on the national and international art scene with the development of the website and Progressive Web App, thus promoting the visibility and accessibility of artworks.

A4W – Art For Women is not only the fruit of a shared vision or dream; it is the tangible result of a synergistic and well-structured collaboration between three dynamic and innovative realities of the technological and artistic-cultural scene:

  • Art4Women: At the heart of the project, Art4Women Srl will play the crucial role of e-commerce management.
  • RIC3D: Specializing in Software development, RIC3D is the technological mind behind the A4W – Art For Women project.
  • Tuttotondo: With its commitment to offline event organization, Tuttotondo builds bridges between the digital world of A4W – Art For Women and the physical reality with tangible events that connect artist collectives and audiences.

RIC3D and Tuttotondo benefit companies actively collaborate to manage the onboarding of artists and art collectives within the community.

Visit the A4W – Art For Women website and discover a new world of artistic inspiration and connection.