The A4W project aims to create an online community for young women and women-owned businesses with social impact and to develop an app to enable the creation of a portfolio of art products that can be sold directly online. A4W is being developed in line with the NRP, paying attention to the digital transition in the industry and using technologies such as AR, VR, mixed reality, blockchain, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.


  • To realize online cultural, artistic and social activities for young women and women’s businesses with high social impact.
  • To incentivize the stable placement of professionals in the cultural field.
  • To organize meetings between companies and participants.
  • To provide opportunities for inclusion and cohesion for young women/female businesses in being protagonists in the creation and promotion of artistic/cultural activities.


  • Creation of an online community for young women and women’s businesses with social impact.
  • Ability to make their skills available to businesses and stakeholders.
  • Promotion of networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Promotion of innovation and creativity in the cultural-creative sector, exploiting the potential of new technologies.

A4W – Art For Women is expanding: officially online!

We are proud to announce that A4W - Art For Women, the innovative platform with the goal of creating a vibrant community to forge new connections and celebrate women's creativity, is officially online. The project, made possible thanks to European Funds from the...

A4W – Art For Women coming soon: Where art and technology join together to transform visions into tangible realities

We are excited to announce the imminent arrival of A4W - Art4Women, an innovative platform that merges art with technology to transform visions into tangible realities. The implementation of A4W - Art4Women, planned for early next year, aims to create a vibrant online...

The project is carried out thanks to the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region