MaSLab is the laboratory dedicated to the development of mathematical-statistical models. The researchers carry out research activities aimed at the implementation of software, for which it is required a study of models articulated in different phases.

After initial theoretical analysis aimed at identifying the parameters of interest, the model is validated through appropriate experiments. Subsequently, analyzed the data collected and organized in appropriate databases, we proceed with the realization of the final models.

In this lab, the research activity for software implementation is divided into several phases, which are managed and developed with Agile methodologies:


  • Analysis of the requirements and parameters to be evaluated and the objectives to be achieved.
  • Definition of the mathematical model underlying the project.
  • Definition and initial creation of the verification and measurement models.
  • Preparation of the data collection and analysis project; organization and population of the test database.
  • Mathematical and statistical analysis of the collected data and realization of the final models.
  • Assistance in the writing of the specific software of the platform in which the model will be inserted.
  • Definition of the user interface model.
  •  Collection and analysis of feedback and testing.
  • Minor adjustments based on feedback.
  • Artificial Intelligence development.
  • Use of Machine Learning methods.