We are excited to announce the imminent arrival of A4W – Art4Women, an innovative platform that merges art with technology to transform visions into tangible realities.

The implementation of A4W – Art4Women, planned for early next year, aims to create a vibrant online community to forge new connections and celebrate women’s creativity.

Implemented thanks to European Funds from the Emilia-Romagna Region, A4W – Art4Women will offer:

  • A community where artists and art lovers can share their works and connect in an environment inspired by the values of Empowerment, Kindness, Solidarity and Sharing.
  • An inclusive space, where art becomes a source of support, inspiration and model for all those who wish to express themselves creatively.
  • An e-commerce platform, which will allow artists to exhibit and sell their artistic works, reaching a global audience and expanding opportunities for visibility and success.

The idea of A4W – Art4Women took shape in 2022 in the mind of a visionary Team composed of Clara Bernasco, Elisabetta Viganò and Riccardo Roggeri. Through a strategic collaboration with the benefit company RIC3D, in March 2023 it was possible to bring the project to life, with the aim of supporting and celebrating women artists, promoting inclusivity and gender diversity in the art world.

This December marked a pivotal moment for A4W – Art4Women, with the launch of the first online Proof-of-Concept (POC). This significant milestone allowed for the testing of the platform, welcoming the first volunteer artists who contributed their works, providing essential feedback for the refinement of the project.

Stay tuned for further updates and the official launch of A4W – Art4Women.