In line with its glocal vocation, RIC3D goes beyond the borders of Italy to participate in the next edition of the BIO International Convention in San Diego: in fact, RIC3D is one of 14 Italian companies selected by ICE-ITA – as part of the promotion of Italian companies and their internationalization – to participate in the BIO 2022 fair within the Italian Pavilion.

The U.S. event, which will be held June 13-16, 2022, in California (USA) at the San Diego Convention Center, involves more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, as well as academic institutions, biotechnology centers and other industry organizations from the United States and more than 30 countries. Back in attendance in this very edition, the event brings together a wide range of life sciences and their applications, including pharmaceutical research, bioproduction, genomics, the biofuel sphere, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

Within this global showcase, which includes several sessions and extraordinary networking opportunities with more than 16,000 participants from about 67 countries, the RIC3D Team will have the honor to present its latest project in the Med-Tech field: ROG (Real Organ Generation).

ROG is a highly interactive and responsive software application that enables users to perform virtual heart surgery simulation. Specifically, through a patented method of generating 3D images of pathological tissues, the software is able to digitize the organ in its true state and size. Thus leveraging Virtual Reality and AI technologies, ROG can pinpoint the exact location of pathologies and enable users to interact with the organ and perform virtual surgical simulation activities. The project aims to strengthen the healthcare sector’s confidence in new technologies to accelerate their research, development and adoption to provide more and better care for patients in need.

So, starting from a fact so evident that it is now impossible to overlook, namely the fact that the future of healthcare is inexorably digital, as well as strongly marked by technology, RIC3D has decided to take its ROG project overseas. In fact, as mental and physical wellbeing becomes a higher priority, the demand for cutting-edge, more precise medical solutions is skyrocketing. For this reason, several innovative companies are aiming to become pioneers in the field, integrating advanced technologies to create new MedTech solutions. Therefore, at the upcoming BIO 2022, leading technology companies will showcase the most innovative healthcare and Med-Tech solutions designed to enable everyone to take care of their health.

As an innovative company strongly oriented towards the MedTech sector, RIC3D has also chosen to contribute to the future of healthcare with its ROG R&D project, with the aim of responding to the high demand for advanced technology with solutions capable of intercepting the existing gap within healthcare and medical solutions, in an extremely delicate field such as surgery.