3D Innovation

The goal of Ric3D is to strengthen the trust of the health sector in new technologies, thus accelerating research and development.

After some feasibility analyzes, conducted through sample interviews by the incubator Techinnova, which operates in the scientific and in particular in the medical sector, it was highlighted how companies need to develop and provide medical 3D printing solutions for the academic world, hospitals and the medical devices industry. To achieve this goal it is necessary to train designers specialized in the development and design of such solutions. A further survey, in fact, carried out in collaboration with Professor Filippo Tazzari, lecturer at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and owner of the Product Design, showed how design institutes from all over Europe are interested in creating collaborations with the FabLab to train their students and their graduates in order to guarantee a specialization for the medical sector. Ric3D, thanks to the software “MED3D VR LAB”, registered at the SIAE by the member MTM S.r.L. – SIAE at 28/11/2017, Number 012023, will create a database of 2D and 3D images of diagnostic elements of patients (TAQ, Eco Cardiography, Magnetic Resonance), and then proceed with the creation of simulators (mock-ups) for surgical interventions, to be used both for the study activities and the simulation of therapies.

Ric3D, both in Lombardy and Basilicata, is aimed at innovation.

Thanks to some calls, the Med3D project is realizing, together with other realities: a platform composed of an organ virtualizations’ model (initially specific to the cardiovascular sector), an algorithm of model study to derive 3D printable images with sintered printers and a model of mathematical and statistical analysis useful for creating personalized therapeutic approaches to the patient.

Other Objectives

The other objectives of the Ric3D project are:

  • To connect the world of industry with those young designers to mediate R&D projects development agreements.
  • To train students, first-time job seekers, and unemployed people to use 3D printing and modeling techniques for the medical sector.
  • To ensure free access to the FabLab “Innogrow” for students, professionals, first-time job seekers and unemployed people, based on merit-based assessment and study commitment.
  • To Implement a Ric3D model of business self-sustainability based on orders deriving from companies in the medical sector and royalties for sales of 3D models. In this way the project can be easily extended, both in terms of time and supply chain.
  • To develop new 3D models of surgical simulation.
  • To create a tutoring and training software for surgery students and doctors.
  • Operate synergies with companies in the prosthetic and nanomaterials sector, to introduce new simulation and intervention tools.



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