RIC3D is pleased to announce its participation in the next edition of the Collision trade show, which will take place June 20-23, 2022. With the support of Techinnova S.p.A., our company was one of the innovative startups selected by ICE-ITA – in the context of the promotion of activities in favor of internationalization – to participate in this important international event.

It is with great excitement that we also report that the fair organizers have selected RIC3D to access the ALPHA support program, which connects early-stage startups with exceptional potential to the world’s most influential people and companies.

Collision will take place at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, the largest entertainment and business event venue in Canada, attracting more than 5.5 million visitors from around the globe each year. The event is one of the biggest events in North America dedicated to information and communication technologies (ICT) and other advanced technologies. The decision to move the fair from the USA to one of the main Canadian cities reflects the considerable importance that the ICT sector is gaining in the economy of the country.

The focus areas for the event are divided into 6 key subject areas:

  • Marketing and Media (advertising, PR and communication, social media, content creation, etc.);
  • Data and Developers (AI and machine learning, data science, hardware and robotics, privacy and security, mobile development, etc..);
  • Society (health, climate change, education, policy, etc..);
  • Commerce (e-commerce, finance, fintech and payments systems, etc.);
  • Lifestyle (Gaming, VR and AR, smart cities, mobility, sports, etc..);
  • Business Development (fundraising, investment, HR and recruiting, SAAS and scaling, etc.).

Collision boasts a rich program of conferences, presentations and networking events, promoting opportunities for discussion and collaboration between startups, companies and investors.

It is in this important showcase – which brings together the world’s leading experts in the field of reference – that the RIC3D team will have the opportunity to present its latest project in the Med-Tech field: ROG (Real Organ Generation).

ROG is a software application that allows users to perform a virtual surgery simulation of the heart. Specifically, through a patented method of generating 3D images of pathological tissues, the software is able to digitize the organ in its real state and size. By leveraging Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, ROG can localize the exact location of pathologies and allows its users to interact with the organ, as well as perform virtual surgical simulation activities.

Day by day we take a step forward along the road to digitization of healthcare. As an innovative company with a strong MedTech focus, RIC3D has also chosen to contribute to the future of healthcare with its ROG R&D project, with the goal of treating dangerous heart disease more effectively, accurately and preventively.