For almost 3 years RIC3D has been working in the high-tech field, with a vision as rigorous as it is transversal: to bring technological innovation closer to everyday life, declining it in the ordinary life of people.

To date, the Innovative Startup – which has also recently become a Benefit – has promoted R&D projects for the creation of products and services to be brought to market in the Med-Tech and Sustainable Tourism – through the application of 3D, AR, VR and Mixed Reality technologies; in particular, it has implemented the software (registered SIAE) MED3D VR LAB and TRATOO, of which it holds the exclusive license and which have helped to consolidate the activities of RIC3D, respectively, in the medical and tourism fields.

However, RIC3D intends to extend its activities through models of eco-sustainability and social impact, in order to ensure a continuous improvement of the well-being of the citizen, with a distinctive imprint of eco-circularity. In this perspective, the high rate of transversality of its paradigm, in combination with the multidisciplinary knowledge of the R&D Team, opens up scenarios for future R&D projects in other branches of innovation.

Here, then, are the ultimate reasons for this first equity crowdfunding campaign: to be able to develop expansion plans for staff, products and market, with the possibility of using a participatory campaign that also allows a promotion of the brand and a greater involvement of the community and the startup ecosystem. Specifically, the capital increase resulting from this equity crowdfunding campaign, which provides for a minimum target of € 150,000, will lead RIC3D to act on several main lines

– Enhancement of the MED3D commercial software, with possible increase of the company staff through key figures for the development of marketing and commercial functions; the number of human organs that can be investigated for surgical simulation operations (currently limited to the heart) will also be increased.

– Final field testing and commercialization of TRATOO software, through collaboration with institutional partners in the Lombardy region and nationally in order to improve the experiential approach of end users through our innovative augmented reality technology.

– Development of new IT assets: the team of researchers of RIC3D will cooperate with other partners to the registration of an international patent for the new software ROG (Real Organ Generator) that links Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning.

– Eco-circular approach, through research and development of technical solutions and the use of increasingly innovative materials composed of a mix of organic and inorganic materials derived from waste from the agro-food chain.

– Development of the commercial network at international level, also through the implementation of the agreements entered into with foreign partners.


The equity crowdfunding campaign is online on CrowdFundMe, the Italian platform for equity crowdfunding investments that allows you to invest in the best Italian startups and SMEs, with significant tax benefits.

Visit the page to find out all the information and access the link of the equity crowdfunding campaign: